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Many years of experience in the market from our company have made one of the top specialists in the field of sewage. All problems, defects, revisions, construction and everything we know about this topic, we perform and offer our customers. So if you have any problem or question please feel free to contact us and our specialists will be happy to advise and help you find the best solution.

Visit our website and you can convince yourself about the methods and techniques we use to work in the sewer. There are also brief descriptions of the various services offered, which we perform throughout the Czech Republic. Thanks to modern technologies, our work does not take longer than necessary, and this will also reduce your costs.

Mobile Sewer Camera System
We drive our delivery to the drain hole and run the camera, which, after connecting the cable, immediately transmits the video back to the supply where the control console is equipped. It serves to serve this camera in order to monitor the desired problem, sealing, height of deposits and others.